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About the Short


Companionship Is a short film that came out of essentially nothing.  It started as a simple idea for a single shot on an animation demo reel, but quickly evolved into a small story, which then grew bigger with time and the demands of a growing online audience.

Companionship tells a totally off-canon, character-driven story of Chell's time as a test subject in Aperture Laboratories' underground facility. From her awkward first time using portals, faith plates and discouragement beams, to her time as a seasoned veteran of the test chambers. But the focus of the film is her relationship with the Companion Cube, and her struggle to hold on to some semblance of happiness in her miserably oppressive existence.

Sound depressing? Don't worry. Companionship may have its share of drama, but it also has plenty of humor, action, and heart. Chell is just as speechless here as she is in the games, but her actions speak volumes about her wants, her needs, and her strength to endure.

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